1987 – Mystification


Mark Shelton – Guitars/Vocals
Scott Park – Bass
Randy Foxe – Drums/Keyboards/Vocals

Track Listing:

1. Haunted Palace
2. Spirits of the Dead
3. Valley of Unrest
4. Mystification
5. Masque of the Red Death
6. Up from the Crypt
7. Children of the Night
8. Dragon Star
9. Death by the Hammer

November 14 - Detroit, USA
Corktown Tavern
November 16 - Chicago, USA
W/ Raven, Night Demon & Ancient Dreams
November 18 - Milwaukee, USA
The Metal Grill
 November 19 - Indianapolis, USA
The 5th Quarter Lounge
 November 21 - Baltimore, USA
W/ Iron Man, Witch Hazel & A Sound of Thunder
 November 22 & 23 - Brooklyn, USA
Saint Vitus Bar NY

Manilla Road - World Tour 2014

High Roller Records

"Out of the Abyss" (Reissue) LP
"The Circus Maximus" (Reissue) DLP

Shadow Kingdom Records

"Mystification" (Reissue) CD
"Voyager" (Reissue) CD

Golden Core Records / ZYX

"Crystal Logic - 30th Anniversary Edition"
(2-Disc European Release w/ Bonus Tracks!)
  "Metal / Invasion"
(2-Disc European Release w/ Bonus Tracks!)
New Studio Album
Coming 2015!