Manilla Road is done with the European leg of our 40th anniversary tour now and all of us except Neudi are back stateside. It was a fantastic trip through Europe this time and the fans and response was so incredible that I don’t really have the proper words to convey our appreciation to everyone. It was the longest tour we have done yet in Europe playing in eleven different countries. This tour proved to me that metal is still alive and well in Europe and it has been an honor for us to play at every show we did on this trip. All of you who helped us celebrate our 40th on this trek were utterly amazing and we will never forget the respect and kindness you paid to us. Up The Hammers to each and every one of you.
I have other news for thee as well. To Kill A King, our new Manilla Road album has just come out and we have CDs available in the merchandise store on this site. Just go to the Merchandise tab to check it out. We don’t have vinyl LPs just yet but they should be coming in August I think. I have been told that they sold out in pre-order in Europe but it’s sort of like potato chips…they always make more. The album has been getting some really great reviews and I myself am extremely proud of this release. The production is top notch and the performances are excellent if I don’t say so myself. It’s full of epic tracks and good straight forward heavy metal.
In other news we have just upgraded our recording system at Midgard Sound Labs. And by upgraded I mean to say that we have a whole new system ha ha. It’s light years ahead of the dinosaur system that we have been using for the last ten years or more. Anyway the revamp of the studio is finished now and we are up and running at full throttle. The new gear sounds glorious and I think that the next projects to come will be another great step forward in the betterment of our productions here at Midgard Sound Labs.
Well that should catch you up on what has already happened but there is much to come yet the rest of this year. We are playing at the Psycho Vegas festival in Las Vegas Nevada in August and then in late September and pretty much all of October Manilla Road will be on tour in the United States. So just keep watching our tour page on this site for all the information about the upcoming 40th anniversary US Tour.
Thank you all for your undying support and I hope to see you on the road yet this year.
Down The Nails
Mark the Shark Shelton

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